5 of my Favorite Spring Knitting Patterns

Spring is here and finally, we have some more time to Knit outside enjoying Creation. It is that time of the year when is not as cold or too hot and it might be hard to choose what patterns to work on.

Here I am sharing with you 5 Knitting patterns that I recommend you work on during Spring because they are made to add that handmade touch to your home, pieces that you will use over and over again and that are sustainable. These 5 Knitting Patterns also include wearable pieces where some are designed by me and I am including 2 other designs from Makers whose work I love and that are on my To knit list.


The Catalina Placemat and Catalina Dishtowel set

While some days are still on the cool side, you might still enjoy working on all of the wooly pieces but in the warmer parts of the day you might find yourself reaching out to knit with materials that do not add to the warm sensation.

Cotton is a perfect material to use and the one that I work with quite a bit during this season to add some pieces to my home and to make gifts for friends.




I designed The Catalina Placemat and Catalina Dishtowel with Cotton from Lion Brand Yarn. You may check their 24/7 Cotton here to choose to work on the colors that appeal to you (this is an affiliate link. When you purchase through it, I get a small commission with no additional cost to you).

This set has a traditional style that is just made with knits and purls. A pattern that was designed keeping Beginner knitters in mind but that is also an engaging pattern to work on for those more experienced knitters.




To read more about the Inspiration behind these patterns I invite you to read the Blog about The Catalina Dishtowel here, the Catalina Placemat here and to watch my YouTube video about them you may go here.

If you are not a Knitter yet and would like to purchase some Catalina Dishtowels for your friends or family, I have a few that are all finished in my Ready to Ship Section here.

These pieces are always a delight to use on a regular basis. Handmade makes a piece so much more special and the fact that you can enjoy them for years to come adds to that feeling. Sustainable work at its best.


The Primavera Top by The Knit Stitch




I have made two Primavera Tops and one thing I can tell you is that it is very hard to stop knitting as you see the Lace design taking shape. You may check out the Knitting Pattern here.

A perfect pattern to work during the Spring and enjoy so often during the Summer months.




The finished Primavera Tops I am featuring here are available to purchase in my Website.

You may see the green one here and the one with pink and light brown tones here. Please take a look at the measurements so you can make sure it will fit you or the friend you would like to give it to.

The Dominga Cowl




The Dominga Cowl features so many techniques in just one piece:

  • A picot edging
  • Eyelets
  • Lace

It is such an engaging pattern to work on. Once I got the design going exactly how I wanted it, I found myself reaching out to so many of the yarns on my shelves and making one after the other.

This is a piece that you can wear on top of your blouse or Spring and Summer dress to add a little warmth if it is a little chilly and it is also perfect to wear under your coat during the Fall and Winter.

I hope you consider working on it and that you love it as much as I have. I also have a few Ready to Ship on my Website. Would you like to take a look? Go here.



On my To Knit List


One of the patterns I would love to make for myself this year is The Anker tee by Petite Knit. Take a look at this beautiful and elegant design. I would pair it with my jeans and so many of my skirts. I could also add length to the sleeves to wear it in the colder months or well, I might just make two. One with short sleeves and one with longer ones. 




Image via www.petiteknit.com

I hope you enjoyed this pattern selection and that you consider working on some of them during the Spring. 

Leave me a comment in the Comment Box which ones of these patterns you would like to try.

Happy Knitting,




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