Designing my first Raglan Sweater. The Milagros Sweater

Early in my Knitting Journey, I started designing accessories like Headbands, Scarves, Beanies and Shawls. I made a few sweaters here and there but never thought I would one day be able to design any garment.

When Covid first started, I took a class with Cecilia from @mammadoityourself about how to design a Raglan sweater. I took it not just to continue to grow in my learning but to have something new to look forward to in those first few months when we were in lockdown.

I have been following Cecilia's journey for a few years now and one thing you can tell right away when you get to know her, is that she really loves what she does. Her classes were so clear to follow and after my first couple of classes I was not intimidated to start designing garments.

It was quite something when all the Math required was right and it was the confidence needed to start knitting it and making it a reality. That first piece included cables and I cannot even describe the feeling of accomplishment when it was all ready and it fit exactly like I planned it.

I got to make another sweater just like this one with a few modifications and hope to release it in the next few months, but, to start building also my Garment design portfolio, I wanted to start with a basic Raglan sweater. A piece that I can make for all in my family and the kind of sweater that we can just wear with jeans or skirts and dress it up to be more casual or more elegant.

To master up the boldness to share it with the Knitting Community was another story. I made the first sample for my daughter and made sure that all details were written but did not release it quite then. Now, after making a couple more samples and have it graded by my wonderful Tech Editor, Melissa, from @thatmetzbowergirldesigns and being tested, it is now released.

A basic Raglan that has so much significance to me... the desire to keep going, to keep exploring, to keep enjoying Handmade and Slow Fashion. A piece that is a white canvas and that you can add your own touch to make it your own.

There is still much to learn to be more familiar with the Grading process and will continue to do so in the next designs.

There will be two Milagros Sweaters in total. Right now you will find the Children version and later, the Adult version will join. So, all of us that would like to match our cuties can do so as well.

The yarn I am featuring with this design is Basic Stitch from Lion Brand Yarn. A Worsted weight yarn that is soft, that comes in a beautiful variety of colors and that is easy on the pocket. I also made a few with Pound of Love, a yarn from Lion Brand Yarn as well.

This is a pattern for Advanced Beginner Knitters. I am confident that by following the tutorials on my YouTube Channel, you will be able to make it.

Keep in mind that you can add the look you want. You may add stripes, which I will do in a future Milagros Sweater, you can use self variegated yarns or have an Ombre effect.

Here is the first the sweater I made for my daughter:




And here are a couple more that I made on 2022:




But to add to the significance of The Milagros Sweater, let me tell you where the name comes from.

My sweet father in law passed away on March 2022. His loss is one that we are still coping with and looking for ways to live with the pain his absence leaves us with. He was a farmer in Ecuador and owned his farm that was in the town of Milagros. He was always so proud of all he cultivated there and every time we saw him he would tell so many stories about it and it was so sweet to see how he lit up every single time. By working on it he was able to send all his brothers and sisters to school and later to support his own family. A hard worker and a man to look up to in so many ways. My husband gets a lot from him, and for this, I will always be thankful.

Respectfully, I named this pattern, The Milagros Sweater, after him, and since his favorite flower was Daisies, I will be adding some in embroidery to the sweaters. The embroidery touch will be different on every Milagros sweater that gets to be on my needles.


2 (4, 6, 8) [10, 12, 14, 16]


Basic Stitch from Lion Brand Worsted Weight; 100% Acrylic; 185 yards / 170 m; 3.5 oz / 100 g. 


Size US 6 / 4 mm - 16”/ 40cm circular

Size US 8 / 5 mm - 16”/ 40cm circular

Size US 8 / 5 mm DPN’s


Get the Pattern here:





Save for later!




I am giving you this pattern in hopes that you consider having it on your needles and that you love working on it.

Happy Knitting,


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