Fall is here!

Summer will always be my favorite season. I count the days to enjoy Summer again and make every single day count.

But there is something about Fall that constantly leaves me absolutely speechless.

Let me go back a few years when I was at school. In my school, we were taught a different kind of art every year. It could be Drawing with pencil, Watercolor painting, Crochet, Porcelain paint, Oil painting, Embroidery... you name it. But let me talk specifically about Oil Painting. We actually took a couple of years of Oil Painting and I enjoyed it so much. Well, there was a point where we would paint Landscapes and I would go over so many magazines, and the ones that showed Fall scenery were my favorites. I cannot tell you how many Fall paintings I made just based on these pictures and I would love all the colors and mixing the paintings to achieve that perfect shade of yellow or brown but nothing prepares you to actually experience a Fall view.

It was in my 20's that I experienced my first Fall in Canada and the constant awe was overwhelming. I could finally see what it really feels like... now, when I paint Fall scenes they have a totally different meaning.

Now, with my family, we look for places to go here in New England, where we just embrace its beauty. This is a season we don't take for granted and that we try to enjoy the most before all the leaves fall to the ground. We bake, cook more vegetable creams from squash we pick from local farms and keep trying new recipes. Something I have not made yet: pies. I am planning to make my first pie this year.

Where we live in Connecticut, we are surrounded by so many beautiful farms and during this season I love to see how each owner puts that special touch on theirs... it is really like being in a Fall Hallmark movie.




When Fall comes we visit as many farms as we can and this week we went to The Angevine Farm. If you are looking to spend time with your family outdoors with plenty to do in just one Farm, I recommend you visit this farm when you are in the area. We enjoyed the breathtaking views, and walked by the Pumpkin patches where we saw Pumpkins in all shapes and sizes and all kinds of textures. We picked some white pumpkins for decoration and a couple of Butternut Squashes to cook with, Syrups to add that special touch to breakfast, and other goodies from local artisans and Makers.




The gift shop is truly a beautiful area in the farm, we could have stayed the whole day there, especially my daughter, who loved to see all the Maple candies, honey, etc. From paintings, blankets, hand knit pieces, kettle corn to goat milk soaps and body lotions, the gift shop is quite a sight.




If you have a Pumpkin Patch close to you, it is worth while to visit. Besides, you have the opportunity to take pictures in surroundings that will embrace the beauty of Fall. I certainly took the opportunity to take a lot of pictures of my kids and impossible not to take a few with my current knitting project. 

As a Knitwear Designer I love to photograph what I am working on in places that bring memories to me and my family. You may see more of my work in my Website and on Instagram. If you are a Knitter, like me, you will find Knitting Patterns to work on this season, or if you are not a Knitter but support handmade, you will find quite a large selection of Knit Pieces that are Ready to Ship and that will help you feel so cozy this Fall.




The Angevine Farm is one of the ones I recommend for when you visit New England at this time of year. You may bring your picnic blanket and be by the pond or on the hillside picnic area... it would really be a lovely family time. 




Check here their Website to know what is going on in the farm.

Now, go on a plan a special Fall day. Do not forget to bring a warm drink and pack snacks to just explore the beauty a Fall day brings.

Until next time,


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