KNITTING PATTERN: The Inconceivable Cowl

 The Inconceivable Cowl is a Fair Isle design Pattern that is engaging to work on from beginning to end.  A beautiful project to knit if you are new to Fair Isle, since it works with two colors at the time, or if you are an experienced knitter.




The Princess Bride Movie has been so dear to me since I was in school. We watched it a lot of times in my English class back in Colombia and I can tell you that I memorized most of this movie.
You can learn more about The Inconceivable Cowl in my You Tube video here.

To work on The Inconceivable Cowl you need to choose one main color and as a background you will have the 6 colors that are part of the mini skein collection.

To see the colors in the Toad Hollow Website, you are welcome to click here.




Mary Beth and Helen sent me the Iocaine Powder as the main color, which is also part of the mini skein collection.




THE KIT: Purchase the Kit here.

I love to work on Knit Accessories, especially Cowls since they can be worn on every season. In my corner of the world most Summer mornings and evenings are not that hot so I still wear Cowls during quite a few days even in the Summer. I also love how they add so much to an outfit. I can just wear my jeans and a tank top or shirt with short sleeves and be comfortable wearing my cowls in the evenings.

The arrange of colors in The Inconceivable Cowl adds that touch of fun, with the change of colors, and a romantic and sweet feel with the floral design.





I cannot talk enough about the colors in this cowl... I love how elegant a neutral piece can be and how it can look so classy and sophisticated but the use of bright colors, all colors, have a special place in my heart. Being from Colombia, I was always surrounded by happy and bright colors and that is what I love to use the most in my knitting work. I think that is why I love Fair Isle so much, because you can play and play with such a wide range of colors. I was so excited when I got the yarn from Toad Hollow and the excitement was the same as I worked on this project. I think I really took my time with it because I just did not want to finish it!!! Well, I made a second one that you will soon see in my Instagram and I am waiting right now for another skein of yarn to arrive from Mary Beth and Helen to use as the main color for another Inconceivable Cowl that I will make with the original Princess Bride mini skein collection. This one will have all the Fall feels.








Isn't it true that when we start knitting we usually work on a Knit or Purl Scarf? That is how we get familiar with the basic stitches. I designed the Inconceivable Cowl also having Beginner Knitters in mind. Here you will work on just two colors at the time and will also get more familiar with Chart Reading. I include instructions as to how to read the Chart and I am pretty confident that by the end of this project you will be more comfortable with just Chart Reading or at least not too afraid of it anymore.




Thank you for being here! Please share your Inconceivable Cowl on Instagram using the hashtag #theinconceivablecowl I am so looking forward to see it.





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