Hello to each one of you from my serene corner in the Connecticut countryside, where the sounds of nature blend with the rhythmic melody of knitting needles. As a knitwear designer with a home studio, this year has been a tapestry of creativity, woven with love and inspired by the picturesque landscapes that surround me.

In 2023, my knitting journey took a thrilling turn with the release of five distinctive patterns that found their roots in personal experiences, cultural influences, and the joy of crafting. Allow me to walk you through the stories behind these designs that made this year so rich. 

I wrote a Blog Post for each design so I will share the links here as well.

1. The Sierra Nevada Beanie and Poncho: A Winter's Embrace

Early this year, a collaboration with Hobbii Yarn led me to create the Sierra Nevada Beanie and Poncho. Envisioned as the perfect winter companions, these pieces were designed to be worn by the fireplace or during outdoor gatherings with loved ones.

Choosing the incredibly cozy Fluffy Day XL from Hobbii, I embarked on a journey of sketches, contemplating stitches and textures. The result? A cozy poncho with a delightful turtle neck, inspired by the snowy tops of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a breathtaking sight close to my Colombian hometown. You can explore the Sierra Nevada Beanie and Poncho and watch a documentary capturing the beauty of this region in the blog post about it here.

2. The Candlewood Cardigan: A Touch of Spring Elegance

Collaborating with Hobbii Yarn for their "Spice it Up with Hobbii" campaign brought the Candlewood Cardigan to life. Designed initially for children, this pattern will be available in adult sizes. I am working on it.

Inspired by the changing seasons, I chose the lovely Portobello yarn—a balance of cotton, acrylic, and wool. The resulting cardigan, knit from the top down, features engaging twisted stitches and a classic elegance that pairs perfectly with spring and summer dresses. Check out the Blog post about this pattern here.

3. The Esteban Cowl: A Tapestry of Memories

The Esteban Cowl is a piece close to my heart, inspired by the colors of the Sombrero Vueltiao, a symbol of my Colombian heritage. Created as part of the Blue Sky Fibers Maker Program, this Fair Isle design is a nod to the indigenous communities and memories of my childhood.

Woven with Woolstok in Midnight Sea and Drift Wood, this cowl captures the essence of traditional Colombian artistry. A percentage of the sales from The Esteban Cowl will go towards supporting my nephew Esteban and providing school supplies for children who fled from Venezuela. Read the detailed Blog post about it here.

4. The Ridge Beanie: A Cable Symphony

The Ridge Beanie is a special creation that ties together the cable motifs from three previous designs—The Mary Hat, The Isabella Beanie, and The Magdalena Beanie. This bottom-up, in-the-round pattern showcases a beloved cable design and is a delightful conclusion to this cable-inspired series. Crafted with Willow Worsted yarn from Round Mountain Fibers, it's a testament to the joy of knitting.

5. The Sofia Beanie: A Journey in Textures

The Sofia Beanie is designed for intermediate knitters, offering a delightful combination of knit, purl, and cable knitting, increase and decrease stitches. This engaging project, with its intricate cables, promises both satisfaction and style. It's a delightful addition to your knitting repertoire, perfect for gifting or preparing for markets.

As these patterns found and continue to find their way onto the needles of many knitters, I am incredibly grateful for the cozy moments they add to the world of making.

A Heartfelt Thank You

I want to express my deepest gratitude for the tremendous support shown throughout this year. Your enthusiasm for reading and sharing my blog posts, knitting and purchasing my patterns, acquiring my ready-to-ship pieces, and staying in touch as we knit one day at a time has been the driving force behind the warmth and joy in my creative endeavors.

Every message, every stitch, and every connection we've made have made this year truly special. Your support has been the thread that weaves together the fabric of my knitting journey, and I am immensely thankful for each and every one of you.

I look forward to more shared moments, more cozy creations, and more knitting adventures in the coming year.

What techniques did you dive in this year? Let me know in the comments, I would love to read.

A big warm hug to each one of you,



  • Peggy Garcia

    I love you and all your patterns. You of all people should know that. Let’s get together and knit something. I’m ready. Thanks. Peggy

  • Lisa Uotinen

    Thank you for sharing these patterns and the love and care that went into designing them! Your beautiful words about each pattern reflect the thoughtfulness and meaning behind each design. Loved reading this!

  • Paty

    I love how you weave your story and history with every piece you make. It is truly unique and is a beautiful way to share the beauty of Colombia with others.

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