Every autumn, as the leaves begin to turn and the air takes on a brisk chill, fiber enthusiasts from all over the world eagerly anticipate one of the most beautiful events for knitters and crocheters alike: the New York Sheep and Wool Festival, affectionately known as Rhinebeck. This annual gathering is a celebration of creativity, craftsmanship, and community, where makers of all levels come together to enjoy fiber arts. Something you will hear many Makers do is work on their "Rhinebeck sweater." Join me on the making of my daughter's and my Rhinebeck sweater.

A Day of Fiber Bliss

The New York Sheep and Wool Festival, held in the picturesque setting of Rhinebeck, New York, is a dream come true for any fiber enthusiast. For my daughter and me, it's a cherished girl's day out that we eagerly anticipate every year. The festival takes place over an entire weekend, but our favorite day to attend is Saturday when the event is in full swing. As soon as you step onto the festival grounds, you're enveloped in a world of color, texture, and creativity.

The Rhinebeck Sweater 

One of the most iconic aspects of the Rhinebeck experience is the knitting or crocheting a "Rhinebeck sweater." Many attendees take on the challenge of crafting a cozy sweater to proudly wear on this special day. The process of choosing the perfect pattern, selecting the ideal yarn, and knitting or crocheting each stitch with care is a labor of love that often starts months in advance. The result? A wearable work of art that showcases the maker's skill and creativity.

My Rhinebeck Sweater Journey

Last summer, I embarked on a knitting journey that would lead me to create a Rhinebeck sweater like no other. My choice was the enchanting "Venny" pattern by @veerarain, a design that captured my imagination from the moment I saw it. To bring this vision to life, I worked with Skyland DK yarn in the captivating colorways of "Red Sky" and "North Star" from Blue Sky Fibers.

 What made this project even more special was the journey it took with me. I knit this beauty during the summer and decided to bring it with me on a trip to Colombia, where I photographed it against the backdrop of this vibrant and colorful country.

 It was my way of infusing a little piece of Colombia into my creation, making it not just a sweater but a cherished memory.


A Sea of Handcrafted Beauty

Walking through the festival grounds, you're greeted by a breathtaking sight: a sea of fiber enthusiasts proudly wearing their handcrafted creations. The Rhinebeck sweater gives us a vibrant display of craftsmanship and artistry. You'll witness a kaleidoscope of techniques on full display, from intricate cables to delicate lace, from bold Fair Isle to stunning intarsia. The variety of colors, patterns, and styles is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Inspiration Abounds

As you wander from booth to booth, admiring the hand-dyed yarn, perusing patterns, and meeting fellow makers, you can't help but be inspired. The sense of camaraderie among attendees is palpable, and conversations flow easily, often sparked by admiration for a beautifully crafted garment. It's a place where you can share your passion with like-minded individuals, exchange tips and tricks, and enjoy the beauty of creating. 

The "Everything's Come Up Roses" Adventure

As my Rhinebeck sweater found its home in my heart, I embarked on a new knitting adventure, this time for my daughter. She had her heart set on the delightful "Everything's Come Up Roses" pattern by @_.annajohanna._

 The excitement of choosing colors and planning this project together was something we both treasured.

However, as with any creative endeavor, a few hiccups came our way. After diligently selecting the yarn during the past summer, we decided to change the sweater size. When we attempted to purchase more yarn, we were met with the unfortunate news that it had been discontinued. It seemed like our project had hit a roadblock.

But then, I discovered a yarn store in Michigan that had just three skeins left of the very yarn we needed. It was a sigh of relief.

Unexpected Color Inspiration

Another twist in our project came with the release of a certain Barbie movie.

 Suddenly, the original red color my daughter had chosen for her sweater didn't quite match her new inspiration – a vibrant Barbie pink. It was a moment of creative adaptation, and we chose the stunning "Candy Yum Yum" from @vida_lifestyle. At the time I was writing this post, I had not started the Fair Isle section of this sweater. Stay tuned because I am working on it soon and it has to be finished in a week! I will share a new Blog Post after the event so you can see the full look.


The journey of creating a Rhinebeck sweater is a unique and deeply personal one. It's a reflection of not only your knitting or crocheting skills but also your creativity, adaptability, and the stories you weave into your stitches. From infusing memories of far-off places to adapting to new color inspirations, these sweaters are more than garments – they're a part of our lives.

As we prepare to wear our Rhinebeck sweaters at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival, let us remember that it's not just about the finished product; it's about the journey and the love we pour into our creations. As for me, I can't wait to see my daughter in her "Everything's Come Up Roses" masterpiece, and I'll proudly wear my "Venny" sweater.

So, fellow knitters and fiber artists, what's your Rhinebeck sweater story? Share your adventures and inspirations in the comments below. 

Happy Making,


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    Thank you for sharing the story behind each of your Rhinebeck sweaters. Really looking forward to seeing them in person.

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