Changes happening at Yessy's Designs

"Thank you" are the two most important words in this Blog Post.

I want to say Thank you for the support you showed me during my extended Black Friday Sale that just ended yesterday, December 15, 2022.

I know times are hard right now, and we are all being more careful about where our money goes.

These weeks, while running the Sale, helped me to think about what route my Small Creative business should take. To give you a little background, in case you are new to my Blog or work, my name is Yessy. I was born and raised in Colombia and have a Bachelor's Degree in Education. I am a wife and a mom to two children growing too fast, and I Homeschool. About my Knitting Journey, I started knitting in 2008. I made a scarf and a beanie, and then I did not knit until I was pregnant with my first son, the following year. I made so many baby beanies and a baby sweater, and four years later, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I started knitting again. I made her bonnets, pants, and stocking hats, and soon after, my hobby of knitting became a business. I worked with a few Newborn Photographers from Connecticut, and I started my Instagram account that same year, 2014.

I still remember those first few weeks when I still did not know what hashtags were or any of the things we are still learning about how Instagram works, and I started posting pictures of my work. I could hardly keep up with the orders that were coming in. At this time I already had an Etsy Shop, but it was mostly for the Wayuu Bags that I made in jute, hand painted cards and hand painted wood pieces with acrylics and oil paintings.

The same pictures I shared on Instagram, I shared in my Etsy shop and very soon, Etsy became just about Hand knit pieces. I remember these days with such fondness... making and packing all the baby beanies that I enjoyed working on and making sets for photographers.




I have always been involved in Arts and Crafts but it was in my adult years when I was first introduced to the world of Knitting. At the time I had my babies, and when I started to see that Knitting was becoming a business, it gave me great satisfaction because I could see clearly that I could continue to help financially at home and help my mom back in Colombia. 

My hubby and son surprised me one day with my own Studio... it is one of my favorite rooms and where I spend a lot of time. To see all my yarn, books, sketch notebooks, camera equipment, all pens and pencils, and notions, keep me constantly inspired. I have been there early in the mornings working on orders before anyone woke up or sometimes late at night when they were all asleep. 

I hope this gives you an idea about my years as a Maker. I started making knit pieces and even though I have been designing Knitting Patterns for years, Making still has a special place in my heart. I cherish making knit pieces with the thought that someone else will enjoy it and that it will be part of their Memories. I have been reassured constantly when I receive pictures of those moments when they were enjoyed.




I love the process of choosing high-quality yarns, and deciding what pattern or technique will make the yarn stand out, and when I get to work on it, those calming moments are so welcome in my days, in my busy but fulfilling days with my family.

With all of this being said, this year has shown me where my business is right now. We know that things change quickly and we have to adapt but as is the case with everyone, the last three years have been a constant learning experience.

Staying just with the subject of Knitting, the last two years were the best in my Knitting Business... because we were more at home, we had more time to knit, so, many more patterns were on other knitter's needles, and more finished pieces found new forever homes.




This year has been very different for sure, and the extended Black Friday Sale, where I should be the busiest, helped me to make a final decision on how to continue to move forward.

So many knitters chose to work on my patterns but only a few Ready to Ship pieces found new forever homes.

This coming year, my focus will be mostly on designing Knitting Patterns. Designing is something I never pictured when I first started knitting, but in the last few years, designing has been a great source of joy, especially because I get to share so much of Colombia and the culture I grew up in. This has opened the doors to work with Yarn Companies, Yarn Stores, and Indie Dyers.




I will continue to work on what I love and try to add value and cozy moments to other knitters around the world... but my focus will not be on Making finished pieces anymore. Making this decision was not easy, but it must be done. I value the support shown to what my hands have made through the years, and I have been able to know so many people all this time since most are loyal customers, and when it is time to support handmade, they keep me in mind.




I can't stop Making finished pieces entirely because, again, I truly cherish it and I would continue to give the opportunity of having something I made enjoyed by you. So, as I design pieces, I will have a limited quantity of spots open for custom orders if you would like to enjoy that certain piece. I just won't be making new pieces without being sure they will go to a new home.

Thank you for all you have done to support my work... my grandpa used to say "Do not let the left hand know what the right hand did" and with this, I want to say that the support you have shown to me has been extended to others. 




Thank you for supporting handmade, thank you to every knitter that has and is working on one of my patterns, thank you for being here and helping me to continue to stay at home with my family. This is a blessing I never take for granted.

Now, I will go back to Homeschool and Knit more later... 


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