KNITTING PATTERN: The Dominga Cowl [ Picot edging, eyelets, lace knitting]

The Dominga Cowl is one of my original designs. I wanted to design a piece that would remind me, respectfully, of my great grandmother, Dominga.

She was delicate, so I included a picot edging, eyelets and lace to this design and she was lots of fun as well, so I worked with colorful yarn that would be a mix of delicate and fun.

A little about my great grandma Dominga: She lived with us when I was born. My mom was just 17 years old when she had me and Abuela Dominga went to live with us for a few months to teach my mom how to properly take care of me. All the pictures I see of her are precious, always smiling, laughing and really helping my mom and my aunt with their children.

But knowing more details her story, things were not always a path of roses. She had to take care of her 4 children by herself. All she had to do to support her family showed how strong she was. In her old age she lived with my grandma Uno and she took so much loving care of her. This just bring tears to my eyes because every weekend when we went to visit we would find my Abuela Dominga dressed in her beautiful lace dresses and her hair looked so nicely done, part in the middle and picked up on the sides with pins. She looked so pretty, so beautiful and elegant and all of us, her great grand children, would sit by her side, by her wheelchair, and hold her hands, comb her hair and talk and talk to her trying to get the most out of her story.

Those were days we cherished so very much... we even had Salsa, Merengue and Vallenato music in the background because she just loved music and to dance before she was confined to a wheelchair... she had Dementia and little by little she forgot about so much but her name: Dominga Margarita. There was even a time when she forgot everyone's name but mine. She just saw me and would say my name holding my face and it was just a precious moment.

We were all with her the day she passed away after painful weeks and saw her take her last breath.

As a woman, I saw in her the example of not giving up, on being strong and keep going on without much support and the value of having the best attitude and a beautiful smile to make the days better. My mom, aunt and uncle saw something else in her that us great grandkids did not experience with her and it was very strict discipline. She could be fun and all but things had to be done the right way or you would see not that pretty sight of her.

I will always remember those weekends with her, looking at her and holding her, caressing her silver gray hair and just talking to her. When I was working on this piece I would video chat with my mom and aunts and my uncle and we had tears laughing as well because, wow, going down to memory lane they remembered so many things she did and said and let me tell you, some were not delicate at all but oh, she could be quite feisty and determined as well.

She is missed to this very day and I look forward to be reunited with her and have forever in sight to enjoy her in perfect health.

Now, about the yarn featured in this design...

Urth Yarns sent me some samples of their yarns to work with and a couple of their colorways were absolutely perfect for what I had in mind.

I made a Child version of The Dominga Cowl for my daughter, that is also included in the pattern, in a beautiful shade of lavender and worked with the colorway Uneek 3010 for mine (featured picture).






The delicate look is undeniable, don't you think? 

I also include in the pattern the Adult Version of The Dominga Cowl and a Faded Version. So many of us have yarn left over from bigger projects and they would be so perfect to use in this design. For this sample I worked with Malabrigo Sock from Malabrigo Yarns that I purchased at my local yarn store Stars Hollow Yarns.






I cannot tell you how much fun I had working with so many colorways and color combos and every time I worked on this cowl it was just a delight.

This is the exact feeling I was hoping to get with this design. It is not such a small accessory and there are quite a few techniques that we would work on, so I wanted the pattern to be engaging and that allows you to continue to be creative every time you work on one.

In the Knitting Pattern I include a couple of tutorials to guide you as you make the Picot Edging and to work on the Jogless one round stripes in the Faded Version of The Dominga Cowl.

The suggested yarn weight is Fingering weight but if you would like to substitute yarns, make sure you meet the Gauge. This is your project to work on now, feel free to make it your own.

In these still uncertain days, I wanted to give you a beautiful project coming from me... there are many stunning patterns out there coming from so many Designers but each one has its own inspiration, every pattern gives us a different feeling and I hope that with The Dominga Cowl you enjoy, really enjoy your knitting time. I know I will and I still have some yarn set aside to make more. This project has soothed so many of my moments.

I am keeping a couple of Dominga Cowls for myself, at least, and the other ones are for those who support purchasing my Handmade pieces. Limited quantities are available in my Website in the Ready to Ship section and stay tuned because more will be available.

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By going to the following link you will be able to watch the Pattern release video of The Dominga Cowl. Click here.








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