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KNITTING PATTERN: The Meadow Hand towel

  As the chill of winter fades and Spring starts to fill the air, I find myself drawn to refreshing my home decor with handmade pieces. There's something special about adding a touch of warmth and creativity to my living space, especially with pieces that showcase timeless designs and captivating textures. When Hobbii approached me to design a pattern for their #hobbiihomeiswhereyourcraftis campaign, I knew exactly the type of piece I wanted to create. Inspiration Behind The Meadow Hand Towel     The Meadow Hand Towel features a delicate design that I have admired for quite some time because of its intricate beauty, and I wanted to translate that admiration into a practical yet elegant piece for the home. The...

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The Jeronimo Hat Knitting Pattern

The Jeronimo Beanie shows my longing for those snowy family walks, sledding escapades, and the simple pleasure of spending time outdoors on a winter day. The Jeronimo Beanie Knitting Pattern comes with two versions to suit your style and needs. Whether you prefer a regular brim for classic charm or a folded brim for that extra warmth and style, this pattern is designed to accommodate your winter preferences.

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