Dear fellow knitters,

I am delighted to share with you my latest knitting pattern, the Esteban Beanie, which is a perfect match for the Esteban Cowl released last year. The inspiration behind this design comes from my roots in Colombia, particularly the colors of the sombrero vueltiao.

The Esteban Beanie was a labor of love for me, especially as I worked on it during my recovery from COVID. Despite the initial challenges, I found solace in knitting and designing, and the process was both nostalgic and mesmerizing. I used Woolstok Worsted yarn in Midnight Sky and Driftwood, chosen for their exquisite softness and luxurious feel.

This beanie features a beautiful fair isle design, showcasing the richness of Colombian culture. The pattern is designed to be engaging yet accessible, using just two colors to create a stunning result. However, I encourage you to make it your own by adding your unique twist, whether using one main color and many contrasting ones or experimenting with different color palettes.



For me, each knitting project holds a special meaning, and the Esteban Beanie is no exception. It represents my fond memories of home and the desire to share a piece of my culture with others. I believe that art, including knitting, is an extension of ourselves, and we each add our own meaning and interpretation to it.

To me, this beanie means back home, it means fond memories that I try not to forget and that I try to keep alive for me and my children. It means that I want to extend some of the joyful culture that I enjoyed, with you, hoping that you can feel it a little as you work on this design. On the Blog post about The Esteban cowl, I add a link to a song by Carlos Vives and in a video featured there you can see the sombrero vueltiao.

I invite you to make the Esteban Beanie your own and share your creations with me and the Knitting Community. Tag me on Instagram (@yessysdesigns) or send me a picture via email ( I would love to see how you bring this pattern to life.



As part of the Blue Sky Fibers Maker program, I chose Woolstok Worsted in the colors Midnight sky and Driftwood for my first design for them this year. Let me share a few details about this pattern:


One Size



Woolstok Worsted from Blue Sky Fibers: 271 yds / 248.6 m / 49 g of MC; 67 yds / 61 m / 47 g of CC



Size US 5 / 3.75 mm – 16” / 40 cm circular

Size US 6 / 4 mm - 16” / 40 cm circular

Size US 6 / 4 mm DPN’S



12” / 30.5 cm long unfolded and 18 ½” / 47 cm circumference without being stretched






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As with the Esteban Cowl, a percentage of the sales from the Esteban Beanie will go towards my nephew Esteban's education and to buy school supplies for children in need in my hometown in Colombia. Your support not only allows me to continue creating but also helps make a difference in the lives of these children.



Thank you for joining me on this journey. I can't wait to see your Esteban Beanies!





Happy knitting,


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