The Magdalena Beanie Knitting Pattern



The Magdalena Beanie Knitting Pattern features two cables, one that I have used in a couple of my designs before and that I love working with, and another cable design that makes me think of a river with its flow.

The name "Magdalena" comes from The Magdalena River in Colombia. It is the river that Colombia relies on the most as a source of water for the country.

Growing up by the river, I could see so much of its beauty and how important it is for us all, how it is surrounded by breathtaking views and industrious people like fishermen, artisans and just by so much joy when you see the children playing in it. It is my hope that one day I can continue to explore it beyond the Caribbean region where I am from.

Cables make me feel how the intricate work flows and flows and at some point the cables connect, like a journey, like a never ending journey. While working on a cable piece, I feel that the work is so engaging... stopping at a certain round or row is quite a task since you want to keep seeing how the cable forms, how it will continue to take its shape.

While knitting samples for The Magdalena beanie I found myself sharing some more aspects of Colombia with my children like the meaning of this river back home, how important it is for the livelihood of so many, how to continue to take care of the environment, how to continue to find joy in God's creation and videos of regions in Colombia where the river goes through that are absolutely breathtaking and that we would like to visit one day.

I hope that when you knit The Magdalena Beanie, you find joy and calm in those Making moments and that you might be inclined to find a video or look at pictures that show the beauty of the river this pattern is named after.

There are a couple of accounts that you might start with... Caiman del Rio shows you The Malecon or River walk in my city along the Magdalena river where small restaurants are and where artisans and musicians congregate to share their work.

And Alex Betancure is a Colombian Photographer who through his pictures shows us so much of the beauty from Colombia. 



  • Knit
  • Purl
  • Knit in the round
  • Increase stitches
  • Decrease stitches
  • Cable Knitting


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