The Mount I use to record my Tutorials and Reels

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As a Knit Designer, Podcaster, and Blogger, I have to use tools that show my work the best it can be. One of the most common questions I get is, "What Mount do you use to record Tutorials?"

But before I let you know the tools I have been using for a few years and that I absolutely recommend for your Creative Business let me go a little back in time.

When I started with Yessy's Designs in the early 2000s, all I needed was a regular camera just for me to take good quality photos of my work to place on a physical album so when people came to my table at the different Craft Shows, they could see some of the pieces that they could get as Custom orders.

I have always loved taking pictures and was mindful of the light, the contrast in the background and things like that, but we all know how this changed so quickly with cell phones with the camera feature and other style of cameras that indicated that we also had to adapt as Creative Business Owners.

There was a period right before 2014 where I remember there were so much more learning tools available for us... Blogs, Pinterest articles, Google. How much I read and how much I practiced is an understatement and up to this day, we all learn something new.

I got a Nikon to get better quality photos of my Knitting pieces and Knitting Patterns, during those years where Instagram was mainly a Photo app. We all know how that quickly changed in about 2018 when the video features were added and we were encouraged to use it for our Business. The last few years Videos were what Instagram was sharing the most, and Pictures just went to the back burner. This year, on the other hand, we have been told that they would again give an important place to pictures. 

This all seems like a roller coaster, right?

And again and again, we have no other choice but to adapt so our work can be shown on this Platform.

With this said, it is vital that we do not put all of our eggs in just one basket and use other Platforms to show our work. 

Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube are the ones I work with... and they all require good quality. They all work different but the basic idea is that we show our work as good and as clear as possible.

Let's talk now about tools that would make my life as a Creative Business Owner easier... I got quite a few mounts from Walmart and Amazon that were all wobbly, they would not attach to my table properly or if they did, it scratched the surface and the same mount that maybe could kind of work to record a Tutorial, would not work if I was having an Instagram Live and I had to touch the screen to present a picture. Either the phone would fall or to my audience it looked like if I was in an earthquake.

Let's skip the part where I talk about how I would use Tape and stick my phone on the window because the light was just perfect at the time of going Live.

Let's talk better about the mount I have been using since 2018 and that I would love you to take a look at. I am not sure about how I came across Arkon Mounts but I watched almost every day the Lives they had showing the importance of Videos, how to use the Mounts and the experiences from other Creators.

Not too much time passed until I decided to give it a try... this is the Mount I bought:



This is the Pro Phone or Camera Stand for Baking, Crafting, Nail art, Ceramics, or Makeup Videos. This Mount is sturdy, it "securely holds your iPhone or Android phone, digital camera, or mini projector on flat surfaces such as counters, tables, desks, or floors". You can easily adjust it and the best part is that it is not in your way when you are recording.

I fell in love with this product and soon after I got what was needed to also use it with my Ipad and got the Ring light as well.



This is what I have and what, again, has made my work easier and more enjoyable. I will share with you the two links where you can find these Mounts, and if you decide to buy, you may use my discount Coupon code: yessysdesigns



 You will get a 20% discount, and I will get a small commission with no added cost to you.



To learn more about the Pro Phone or Camera Stand for Baking, Crafting, Nail art, Ceramics, or Makeup Videos, you may go to the link here.

To learn more about the Remarkable Creators Phone and Tablet Stand with Ring Light Bundle, you may go to the link here.

If after you read about them, you have any questions, please leave them here in the Comment section or reach out to me through an email: I am happy to clarify any doubts you may have.

Now, continue to show us your creative side, continue to show us the beauty you bring to the world, and continue to Inspire and be Inspired.

What Mount do you use for your Small Business? I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Have you tried any of the Arkon Mounts?


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