The Northern Views Cowl Knitting Pattern features two fair isle designs that are worked with two colors, which makes it perfect for adventurous beginners or experienced ones that are looking to work on a sweet and relaxing piece.


The Northern Views Cowl also matches the Northern Views Beanie that you can see here.




After working on the Northern Views beanies, it was a must to work on the cowl and have a matching set... I know I love matching sets and the look of this pattern is so pretty that the cowl just had to be made.

If you are a beginner knitter you will get familiar with working on a Fair Isle project that requires just two color yarns and you will get to practice catching floats in the back making sure you keep the same tension through the project.

When working on a fair isle project like this one, I can't help it but think of those first knitting lessons back in Colombia.

My classes were at one of the cutest shops I have ever seen... one that carried all kinds of materials for craft enthusiasts. The owner's sister, a sweet older lady, taught me patiently how to knit and how to purl, and while I worked painstakingly slow on my first piece, I would see all the other ladies coming in with their fair isle bags with motifs inspired by one of the indigenous groups from the area.

I remember thinking that I could never picture myself making anything even remotely similar. I own quite a few bags from this Indigenous group and wear them proudly and I just love to see all the intricate designs and the bright colors.

While I admired these ladies, I was perfectly content working on that first piece... a garter stitch scarf that had more stitches on one row and less on the other. Oh my, I could not see what was a purl and a knit stitch in the textured yarn that I chose to work with. But it did not unraveled, so, it fulfilled its purpose, but did not make me super confident to start working on another project that needed more techniques. 

Well, now I see my fair isle designs and I just enjoy designing and working on each one of them. Every single one makes me think of all the work that I admired back home.

The shop that I mentioned before closed years ago and I have no idea where the owner and her sister are but I would love to show them one day all that has been made in this Knitting Journey... I am sure they won't believe it.

Now, let me share with you some other details about this Knitting Pattern:




  • The yarn featured is Bo Beep from West Yorkshire Spinners purchased at my Local Yarn Store Stars Hollow Yarns Lisa, the owner, has an amazing online selection so you can order this yarn in her website.
  • The pattern includes two charts where you will be able to work on the option of just snowflakes or the other option where you can include hearts.
  • When I release Fair isle patterns, it is always my hope that the knitters working on it make it their own, that they get to be creative with it. You may work with more than two colors. For example, you can work on a snowflake portion with one color and have the next portions of snowflakes or hearts and snowflakes in different colors. You can also turn it into an infinity scarf. It is all up to you (to check out the versions that are being made with this pattern you may check the hashtag #northernviewscowl on Instagram).



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I will leave here a few other Fair Isle Knitting Patterns that I have released so you can take a look and consider working on one or more of them this year to add to your Fall and Winter wardrobe:

You may get The Northern Views Cowl in these platforms:

I would love to see how you make yours. Please send me an email to to see it or tag me when you post it on Instagram.


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