The Olena Hat Knitting Pattern

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The Olena Hat Knitting Pattern has been designed for Lion Brand . You may find the Free Pattern on their Website and for a low cost you may purchase it on my Website, Etsy or Ravelry.


For The Olena Hat I wanted to feature the inspiration behind most of my Fair Isle designs. Being born and raised in Colombia, I was surrounded by so many artists from different indigenous groups that would sell their work on the streets, by beaches and in the touristic areas. I remember there was a yearly artisan fair where my parents would always take me to and there we enjoyed talking to artisans from all over the Country. This was one of my favorite parts, to talk to them while they worked on their pieces and to see how much they enjoyed their work always stuck in my mind.

When you are all year long surrounded by so much diversity and so much beauty, you can't help it but being so inspired to learn, learn, learn. I am thankful to have had a mom that encouraged me to continue to explore my creative side.

Since 2008 I started to work with yarn and now I have my own Creative Business. One of the parts that I enjoy from running it, is that I can show and share what I design plus feature patterns I work on designed by other Makers that I admire and that inspire me to continue to learn.


I love cable work and lace designs but Fair Isle has a special place in my Knitting journey. Fair isle is the technique that brings me to my Colombian roots, the technique that makes me think that I can share with the rest of the world what makes me who I am as a Designer.

The Olena hat is that... an expression of the creativity and the art that I have enjoyed since I can remember. A piece that I see and I can tell it fits perfectly on those tables that I would walk by at the beaches and in my home City.

This pattern features 3 colors from Basic Stitch Anti- pilling from Lion Brand Yarn. You may see the color selection here. It is not a complicated fair isle to work on since you will knit just with two yarns in the colorwork sections. Also, any color combinations go very well. When you see colorwork pieces back home you see pastels and bright colors together, muted tones with sparkly ones... it is just so unique and so beautiful so you won't go wrong with any color you decide to work with.

Let me show you an example of what I am talking about:



Just take a moment to take in all this handmade beauty. Can you see what I mean? You cannot go wrong with any color combos. Have fun choosing!

Now, a note about the Brim featured on this pattern: the folded brim with knitting through the back loop is one of my favorites since it makes your beanie have a tighter snug, which I welcome so much during the colder days. There is a link to a video tutorial about it in the PDF.




I am so excited to see how you decide to work on yours. The PDF includes a few fun and practical things for you. My friend, Bernardina, a Fashion Designer from Colombia, made for you an Illustration that shows in an artistic way how the Olena Hat looks on plus two other illustrations where you can see the Beanie in colors similar to the ones I used for this pattern and one where you can color in the ones you would like for yours. The possibilities are endless. Bernardina's Instagram account is @bg.sketches You are welcome to see there the work of this talented girl and I am so thankful that in her busy schedule she could work with me and make this pattern so much more fun for you.

Please use the hashtag #theolenahat on Instagram and tag me, @yessysdesigns, so I can see your Hat and share it in my Stories.

Happy Knitting,



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