The Ridge Beanie Knitting Pattern

I am so excited to show you my newest pattern release, The Ridge Beanie. This design holds a special place in my heart as it represents the culmination of three previous cable-inspired beanies: The Mary Hat, The Isabella Beanie, and The Magdalena Beanie. Each of these patterns shared a unique cable design that captured my heart and became a beloved element of my knitting journey.


The Inspiration

When I released The Mary Hat, I was captivated by the intricate cable work that adorned the design. I found myself mesmerized by a small cable nestled between the larger cable motifs. It was a detail that never failed to catch my eye, and I simply couldn't get enough of it. Inspired by this fascination, I incorporated the same cable design into The Isabella Beanie and later The Magdalena Beanie. This particular cable stole my heart, and I knew I needed to create something that would give it the recognition it deserved—a design that would bring together the essence of these three patterns.

Details about The Ridge Beanie

 The Ridge Beanie is a bottom-up, in-the-round knitting pattern that features a folded brim and showcases the beloved cable design. It serves as the perfect conclusion to this series of designs, celebrating the style and technique that has brought so much joy to my knitting journey. While some knitters may feel comfortable working without a cable needle for this specific cable, others may prefer using one. Personally, I adore the process of using a cable needle—it adds an extra layer of joy to my knitting experience.

Yarn Choice and Collaboration

For The Ridge Beanie, I selected Willow Worsted yarn from Round Mountain Fibers.



I am incredibly grateful to Monica for entrusting me with her beautiful yarn and for being part of this design. The yarn's softness is truly remarkable, and the color choices are exquisite. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed the time and care I invested in working with Monica's yarn. I worked at such a slow pace because it just felt so soothing having it on my needles. I  recommend her yarn, and I encourage you to explore her Instagram feed and Facebook page to witness the stunning color inspiration behind her creations. The colors I worked with are: 


Cactus Pink


Jewel Weed Stem


Cohosh Blue


Lichen Green


Where to Find Round Mountain Fibers

 If you're eager to get your hands on some Round Mountain Fibers yarn, you can find a beautiful selection at my local yarn store, Stars Hollow Yarns. They offer an array of Monica's yarns both in-store and on their website, making it easy to bring the beauty and quality of Round Mountain Fibers into your knitting projects.



One Size



Size US 6 / 4 mm - 16”/ 40cm circular

Size US 8 / 5 mm - 16”/ 40cm circular 

Size US 8 / 5 mm  DPN’s



11” / 28 cm long unfolded and 17.” / 43 cm circumference without being stretched.


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 With the release of The Ridge Beanie, I am delighted to present a pattern that encapsulates the essence and style of The Mary Hat, The Isabella Beanie, and The Magdalena Beanie. It is a tribute to the captivating cable design that stole my heart and became an integral part of my knitting journey. I hope you enjoy knitting The Ridge Beanie as much as I enjoyed designing it, and I extend my sincere gratitude to Monica from Round Mountain Fibers for her yarn support and contribution to this pattern.

When you make this pattern, please send me a picture to my email:, or if you post it on Instagram, tag me with the hashtag #ridgebeanie , so I do not miss it and can share it in my Stories.

Thank you for your time reading and commenting.

Happy Knitting,


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