The Sierra Nevada Poncho and Beanie Knitting Patterns

Early this year, I was contacted by Hobbii Yarn to work on them on one of their campaigns. Among the yarns I could choose from, the Fluffy Day XL caught my eye right away. Still not knowing what I wanted to design with it, I knew this yarn would be perfect for a Winter accessory that would keep us as warm as possible during the colder days. Specifically, I was thinking of wearing this new design by the fireplace and outside while enjoying a fire with my family.

It did not take long to decide that a Poncho and a Beanie to match were going to be on my needles. Sketch after sketch, I made the decision on what look the Poncho would have, and then, it was time to decide on the stitches that would be featured.

This is the part where I could stay for a long time because, let's face it, there are many stunning stitches out there, the combinations of stitches and textures can be overwhelming and to decide is a task.

I wanted to design a piece that would be enjoyable to wear, and engaging to make. While I had Intermediate Knitters in mind, I wanted a piece that some Adventurous beginners could feel confident to make.

For the ones that do not know, I am a Homeschool mom and to organize my time with school and everything that has to be done at home, I am left with little time to sit by myself and knit. Thinking about this, I wanted and needed a design that was engaging, that I could work on if we were watching a movie, or that I could easily stop and take it back at a later time without being this too much trouble. I included a design that just needed Knits and Purls, then, to finish the Poncho with a beautiful border, I made sketches of different cables but decided on twisted stitches.

Looking and looking at my sketch, it still needed something... a turtle neck! How can I make this piece as cozy as I wanted without a turtle neck?! I am always cold, and this would be a great feature to have on this Poncho.

Now, it looked complete! A Poncho style that I enjoyed wearing in Colombia, a length that I preferred but it is easy customizable if other knitters would like to wear it shorter, like a Capelet.



The beanie design? I would wait to have the Poncho on my needles and see which design to include in the beanie. As I worked on the Poncho, I was not sure the Diamond design would look that good on the beanie, but as I worked on the twisted stitches, that was it! The beanie would bring both designs together just with the twisted stitches.



This part of the design process is one that I enjoy so much... it can take a long time, but when the decision is made, I can't wait to start turning that sketch into a reality.

Now, about the name... The Sierra Nevada Poncho and Beanie. It did not take me long to decide on it. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is close to where I grew up in Colombia. Those snowy tops were always quite a sight and the beauty takes your breath away.

I am sharing a beautiful and short Documentary I found on YouTube, were you can see some of its beauty. The Documentary is in Spanish, and even if you don't speak it, you will be able to see the wide array of animals and birds there, the lush vegetation, and the incredible views of this area where the temperatures go from 24C to 0C or less. It is quite something to see so much variety in ecosystems right in the Caribbean.

You can watch the Documentary here if you'd like here. Enjoy!

Now, a few details about the pattern:


One Size


For the Beanie: 

Fluffy Day XL Worsted weight yarn from Hobbii Yarn. (153 yds / 140m; 3.5 oz / 100g; 100% Acrylic). Color: #11 Light Lavender, 1 skein or 83 yds / 75.8m; 1.6 oz / 45.4g of a similar yarn.

For the Poncho:

Flyffy Day XL Worsted weight yarn from Hobbii Yarn. (153 yds / 140m; 100g/ 3.5 oz; 100% Acrylic). Color: #11 Light Lavender, 1 skein or 627 yds (573m) / 14.82 oz (420.9 g) of a similar yarn.


For the Beanie: 

Size US 10.5 / 6.5 mm-16” /  40cm circular, or size needed to achieve gaugeSize US 10.5 / 6.5 mm DPN’s, or DPN’s in the same size a gauge needleSize US 8 / 5 mm-16” / 40cm circular, or two sizes smaller than gauge needle.

For the Poncho: 

Size UK  2 / 7 mm - 16”/ 40cm circularSize US 13 / 9 mm - 24”/ 60cm circular, or size needed to achieve gauge


For the Beanie:

9.5” / 24cm long unfolded and 18” / 45cm circumference without being stretched.

For the Poncho:

Length: 38.5” / 98cm

Circumference: 59” / 150cm at its widest point



Website: The Sierra Nevada Beanie, The Sierra Nevada Poncho, The Sierra Nevada Bundle: Beanie and Poncho Knitting Patterns

Etsy:  The Sierra Nevada Beanie, The Sierra Nevada Poncho, The Sierra Nevada Bundle: Beanie and Poncho Knitting Patterns

Ravelry:  The Sierra Nevada Beanie , The Sierra Nevada Poncho and The Sierra Nevada Bundle: Beanie and Poncho Knitting Patterns





The Sierra Nevada Beanie and Poncho are available to you as individual patterns, and you also have the option to purchase it in a Bundle. I hope you consider having them on your needles and that you love working on them.

Before you leave, I would love to read your comments. If you watched the Documentary, what do you think? And, let me know, please, if you will make one of these patterns or both. If you do, please feel free to send me a picture to my email:, or if you post it on Instagram, tag me, so I do not miss it and Share in my Stories.

Thank you for your time reading and commenting.

Happy Knitting,


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