The Northern Views Beanie Knitting Pattern

Being born and raised in the Coast of Colombia, I just enjoyed being in a warm and hot climate. The closest I ever was to the Fall and Winter seasons was when I was painting landscapes while looking at pictures in magazines. The weather in my home city in Colombia was like this: Hot and humid, hot and rainy, hot and breeze... always HOT.




I loved it, to say the least, and it was in my early twenties when I married my now hubby and moved to Canada where he was living. He loved the cold and all but I literally felt like it was torture. Temperatures in the -50's are no joke. I felt I was slowly freezing. My goodness, "How can someone choose to live in such a cold place?"... that was my thought constantly but in spite of that I was in awe of all the Winter views. The snow falling down, the white views. It was really an indescribable feeling every time I got to see it.

Never in a million years I would have thought that I would turn my hobby of knitting into my business while I stay home raising my cuties and homeschooling them. I always thought I would continue to work on my career as an Early Childhood Educator and helping children who had learning disabilities.




We live now in Connecticut, USA and still get to experience the beauty of the four seasons. Almost 20 years after my first experience with Winter, I grew up to love all the sparkle, the white views, the snow falling... the cold is still not loved much though but it is a season that I look forward to and learned to embrace.




This is my inspiration for The Northern Views Beanie Fair Isle Knitting Pattern. Snowflakes, hearts... a sweet piece that shows the love for the beauty Winter can bring. As a Knit Designer now, I look for pieces that bring me joy, that bring to me a sense of calm... pieces that have meaning and that I decide to share are ones that will be engaging to other knitters are that they will find a measure of joy while working on them.  

The Northern Views Beanie is perfect to work on if you are new to Fair isle since you will be working with just two colors and you will continue to practice handling them and catching your floats without worrying about taking care of more balls of yarn.

If you are an experienced knitter, this will be an engaging and cute piece to work on and will end up with a cozy piece to add to your handmade accessory wardrobe.

Every time I work on a Fair Isle piece I get into the Winter Making Mood and I find really fun to play with patterns and then bring these designs to life with yarn. It is one of the most engaging techniques to me and it is my hope that you will absolutely love working on this piece.

For this Pattern I am featuring yarn from West Yorkshire Yarns. This is the first time I work with their Bo Beep yarn and it was love at first stitch. The color selection is peaceful and calming, the yarn is so soft and the quality is just outstanding. I know I will be working with this yarn a lot more and I would suggest you give it a try the next time you are yarn shopping.

If you buy yarn online, my local yarn store has them in their Website. They will have kits available for this Knitting Pattern so that will be perfect when looking for color combinations to work on. I will leave a Link here to their Website where the yarn is available and as soon as they have the kits online I will update it here on the Blog.

This pattern will include Charts for two beanie options. One option will be to make this beanie just featuring Snowflakes and the other option will feature Snowflakes and Hearts. The instructions as to how to make this design will be through Charts and the decreases will be written. It is worth to mention that if you have not worked on a pattern following a Chart, you do not have to be afraid of it. From experience I tell you that it is my preferred way to follow a Fair Isle design instead of the endless written instructions. See this as an opportunity to practice, to become more familiar with it and you will see it was well worth the time.

Lastly, I am leaving here a link to the You Tube commercial my son made for me. as you have seen with my work, everyone in my family gets involved and that always adds to the joy of making. Watch it here.

Happy Knitting!



  • Knit
  • Purl
  • Knit in the round
  • Increase stitches
  • Decrease stitches
  • Fair Isle Knitting


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  • Size US 6/ 4mm - 16"/ 40 cm circular and Size US 8/ 5 mm - 16"/ 40 cm circular
  • Size US 8/ 5 mm DPN's
  • 122 yds of DK weight yarn for MC and 83 yds for CC
  • Stitch Markers
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry Needle


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The Northern Views Knitting Pattern and pictures are property of Yessy's Designs. You may not share the pattern or sell it but you are welcome to sell the finished beanie giving credit to Yessy's Designs and add a link to your listing.

 Please share your projects that you make with my patterns on Instagram with the hashtag #yessysdesigns and for this specific one, please use also #northernviewsbeanie so your post will get featured on my Stories and I can also see it. I am so looking forward to that.

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