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The Northern Views Cowl Knitting Pattern features two fair isle designs that are worked with two colors, which makes it perfect for adventurous beginners or experienced ones that are looking to work on a sweet and relaxing piece.   The Northern Views Cowl also matches the Northern Views Beanie that you can see here.                                                 After working on the Northern Views beanies, it was a must to work on the cowl and have a matching set... I know I love matching sets and the look of this pattern is so pretty that the cowl just had to...

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The Magdalena Beanie Knitting Pattern

                                                      The Magdalena Beanie Knitting Pattern features two cables, one that I have used in a couple of my designs before and that I love working with, and another cable design that makes me think of a river with its flow. The name "Magdalena" comes from The Magdalena River in Colombia. It is the river that Colombia relies on the most as a source of water for the country. Growing up by the river, I could see so much of its beauty and how important it is for us all, how it is surrounded...

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